Unique Position

We are the MPM Group.
We have 1000s of partners who are all focused on the same goal: to be successful and achieve more in life! And to have fun at the same time. As an active part of a global cashback shopping community that is connected both online and offline.
Within the system. Within a team. For themselves.

The prospects for each individual are limitless. Whether for newcomers, career changers or experienced sales professionals with a strong organisation. Because the rules are the same for everyone. Even for our standardised back office. Online. Transparent. In real-time. Around the clock.

an card.

an app.


We have the unique opportunity to actively shape a lucrative market with huge potential for growth. Global. Continental. National. Regional. Mobile Payment is here to change the world. That’s why Mobile Payment is our creed: As “preferred” sales partner, we market the vision, philosophy, innovation, projects and products of our main client weeMarketplace AG. The unique wee Cashback System with the weeCard and weeApp tools. wee is the new marketplace for consumers, for retail, for service providers, associations and businesses.

This marketing requires considerable financial resources – we invest these ourselves or acquire external sponsors. Every sponsor has the opportunity to support retailers in their home region, and therefore to gain long-term benefit from their investment.

All partners involved in this expanding market achieve their individual return – not only on the transactions that take place here. The sponsor. Sales. Retailers. Online shops. End consumers. Exclusive bonus for sponsors: Sponsors receive an appropriate commission for each individual purchase made using the weeCards and weeApps financed by their investments. Throughout Europe!