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And what exactly makes this global project from the Swiss weeMarketplace AG so unique?

What makes this cashback system different from other discount and bonus concepts?

Shop worldwide – online and offline – and you can use your acquired discounts when shopping at home.

A utopian idea?

Nothing of the sort: The wee Cashback System will revolutionise global shopping habits. This is especially true for the regional markets in the 19 European countries and in the Caribbean, where the MPM Group is already active as the preferred sales partner of weeMarketplace AG.

Consumers can collect cashback as wee in different ways: by shopping with the weeCard or the weeApp, or by shopping online at the wee.com portal, with up to 1,000 integrated online shops and counting. In Eurozone countries one wee is equivalent to one euro.

Always there

Wherever you are, you can use all the WeeApp features.

Cash money

At Wee, there are no points or bonuses, just cash as CashBack.

Invite friends

Continue to recommend it. You get Wee and benefits.

On the one hand, consumers benefit from impressive discounts online (up to 20% cashback) and offline (up to 15% cashback), and on the other, the retail industry benefits from a boost in sales. But the most exciting aspect for connected regional bakeries, butchers and boutiques is: The weeApp creates an individual e-Business for the retailer, allowing them to benefit from continuous virtual promotions, sending new customers their way and increasing their revenue sustainably! But only if they belong to the wee community.

The consumer’s discounts are collected as so-called wee – these can be used only for on-site retail purchases, or if the consumer wishes, the wee can be transferred directly to his/her bank account.