Mobile Payment Markets

The world is becoming more globalised. More digitalised. Ever faster. Ever more far-reaching. Ever more connected. With the advancements in technological development, financial markets and consumer behaviour are also changing… More than 50 years ago, debit cards began to take over in Europe, while credit cards began to conquer the globe. About 50% of all transactions worldwide today are cash-free. Instead, customers are using chip cards. For offline business or online shopping. Visa and MasterCard alone process 128,000 transactions worldwide every single second.

But the next revolution is already well underway! Mobile Payment with smartphones. With an app. And we at the MPM Group aren’t just involved. We’re right in the thick of it! As a main supporting pillar in this process. As THE sales partner of the global driving force. We create the markets for our client weeMarketplace AG. For their showcase project – the wee Cashback System. And we make an unbeatable team. Yesterday. Today. And above all tomorrow and beyond.

We, our investors and our client, believe in the successful future of Mobile Payment. With wee as the catalyst for a sustainable global change in consumer behaviour. This is why our partners invest in the MPM Group. In the market development and market penetration of wee.

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How does wee work?