About us

“Good work makes you feel good, especially good work makes you feel especially good. Success is inextricably linked to a sense of satisfaction.”

Mark Sanborn, author and professional speaker

Responsible, performance-oriented, human. 

We help our customers with comprehensive and cross-sector advice. Since we select our sales products primarily according to practical benefit and future viability, we offer our customers clear added value. With us, our customers have a strong, consistent partner at their side!

Although financial motivation is an important issue, it is not the reason for our cooperation with companies. The focus is always on people, with whom we work closely to improve our services, question them and together bring them to resounding success.

Even if our strategy is transnationally focused: every sales success is local, regional in nature. We are part of the local people. We think, believe and feel like our markets. Like our customers. And that is exactly why we are a benchmark! Our success is the sum of persuasion, passion, discipline, creativity and great products.

Mirko Scheffler,
Chairman of the Board of Directors MPM

“Start now with us, the MPM Group, into a safe and carefree future!”

Manuel Funk,
Board of Directors MPM

“Join a rapidly growing community and help make the future more worry-free for customers and retailers!”