Our Design: Mirrors our philosophy. Global. High-class. Modern but with traditional values. Simply remarkable. Our performance promise in Mobile Payment Markets:

We will purposefully grow this market for ourselves and for our clients. And benefit from the win-win. For the long run! Our market is global. With excellent prospects. For all of us. For every individual team member. For each newcomer.

And even though our strategy is multi-national: Every sales success is a local and regional one. Our success is the sum of our creativity, passion, discipline, persuasion, combined with excellent products. This is the creed we live by!

Whether in the Flemish regions of Belgium. Or in the Saxon metropolis of Dresden, or the Bavarian Oberland in southern Germany, with Bad Tölz at its centre. It’s true for western Switzerland and Valais, for Warsaw, Katowice and Poznan in Poland, for Alès in France, for Ljubljana, Maribor and Celje in Slovenia, for North-West England or Home Counties in the UK, and for Zilina, Topolcany and Banska Bystrica in Slovakia.

We are a part of the people there. We think and feel like our markets do. Like our customers do. And that is why we are the benchmark!